How to play Sepak Takraw?

The Sepak Takraw court and net are of the same height and dimensions as in badminton. A team consisting of 3 members is called a "Regu". Two regus compete for higher scores by spiking a ball into the opponent's court. Most of the same rules apply as for volley ball, with the following main exceptions:

The Takraw Court

A match is composed of 3 sets. The first regu to score 21 points wins a set. The first regu winning two sets wins the match. In either set, if both regus are tied, 20 - 20, play continues until one regu wins by 2 points, up to a ceiling of 25 points. If each regu wins one set out of the first two, then the third set is played and is called the "Tiebreak". The Tiebreak only goes up to 15 points, but again a regu must win by 2 points, up to a ceiling of 17.

Many who see Sepak Takraw being played, or try it themselves, for the first time often make comments like, "This is the most amazing sport!", "Did you see that?!", "Takraw rocks, I'm in!", "This is great for improving soccer skills!", etc.

THE MYTH is that only super flexible, agile, athletes can play this game ... totally NOT true! Anyone of any age or ability level can play Sepak Takraw, simply MODIFY it for beginners and increase the challenge as their eye-foot skills improve.